Film and TV Bloopers #4 – The curious case of the Gilmore Girls’ colour-changing coffee cups

Lorelai and Rory didn't notice their coffee cups transforming – did you?


We know Lorelai and Rory Gilmore like their coffee strong but there must be something special in the brew the two are drinking because they don’t even notice their coffee cups changing colour.


If you look very closely when the pair sit down for breakfast with Max at Luke’s in Red Light on the Wedding Night, you’ll notice they’re holding red cups as Lorelai asks for coffee.


But when the camera cuts to Luke, and then back to the Gilmore ladies, the cups on their table are very clearly bright blue.


And then, as if fuelled by caffeine dreams, the cups become red once again.


Red or blue? RED OR BLUE? Which is an illusion and which is true?


We’re gonna need a stronger cup of coffee to work this one out….

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