Wake up to fog this morning? Whaddya know, you weren't the only one – as Twitter was only too happy to point out.


From mist-shrouded London landmarks to Corrie cobbles, there's nothing like sharing a photo when you can't see a thing.

Sarah Wells took this stunning overhead shot of London and the Shard... which was subsequently nicked by almost everyone.

Here's the view from down below...

Corrie will continue whatever the weather in Weatherfield...

At times like these we need a scientist to bring us back down to Earth.

Visibility down to several billion light years at Jodrell ;) #foggy #radiotelescope https://t.co/4pbYZ9ZE9T pic.twitter.com/CkWDOmpKxf

— Tim O'Brien (@Tim_O_Brien) November 2, 2015

What this needs is a clear-eyed politician.

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen will have wished he stayed in the Middle East.

But it wasn't just London...

Poor Eamonn Holmes couldn't even make it into work from Belfast this morning.

Compo, meanwhile, wants to know what all the fuss is about.

And Robert Webb has advice for tourists who aren't too bothered about sight-seeing...