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Dynamo reveals all on new show Beyond Belief: "I've been stopped from doing tricks because they're too dangerous!"

The magician is making a return to TV after a health battle

Dynamo: Beyond Belief
Published: Thursday, 9th April 2020 at 7:00 pm

He'll be back on our screens from Thursday April 9th, dazzling us with his magic skills in new show, Dynamo: Beyond Belief.


But while the drama series will be packed with what Dynamo describes as the "best magic" he's ever created, there were some tricks that didn't make the cut this time round due to being too dangerous.

Speaking to press including, Dynamo - real name Steve Frayne - revealed: "There’s been things that I put out to my team that they wouldn’t be able to get me insurance for because they’re a bit too dangerous."

That's not to say that fans will never get to see this magic though, as he added: "I’m going to keep them secret and in the back of my mind for future shows potentially."

And besides, what could be more dangerous than driving backwards blindfolded on a dual carriageway? Because that is something fans will get to see on the new Sky series.

Dynamo continued: "I’ve always loved cars and in Magician Impossible I did some parts where I was driving blindfolded and I looked at the comments and people had their theories on how it’s possible. So I wanted to revisit it and make sure that any possible explanations were kind of squashed by what I was doing.

"So in regards to whether the blind fold could be fake, well I decided to go backwards this time around so that rules that out. It was a crazy experience."

And it sounds like there's lots more crazy where that came from, with Dynamo teasing: "The finale for the whole show is the riskiest thing I’ve ever attempted so I'm very excited for that."

In 2017, the 37-year-old was hospitalised after getting food poisoning, which was made worse by Crohn's Disease.

He was forced to take a step back as he battled with the aforementioned health issue as well as arthritis, which completely changed magic for him as he was no longer able to shuffle cards.

"I couldn’t even hold cards anymore or do any of the physical things I used to," he explained.

Dynamo: Beyond Belief
(Sky One)

Instead of giving up hope though, Dynamo decided to use the time out to learn new skills, saying: "It really helped to show me that this doesn’t have to be the end."

He continued: "I had to find a whole new approach and I think I found that. The magic in the new series is very different to anything you would have seen. I’m super proud of it and I think it’s the best magic I’ve ever done."

Taking a different stance enabled Dynamo to perfect a new skill of being able to guess the exact amount of playing cards he has in his hand - something fans will get to see in the very first episode of the Sky series.

He said: "I had to build up my strength in my hand, so I would practise with one card and every day I’d add a new card until I was able to hold a full deck again. The process of doing this ended up developing a skill of being able to tell how many cards were in my hand just from the feel alone. That was in some ways taking my disability and turning it into a superpower."

Dynamo: Beyond Belief will blend explosive magic with gripping documentary.

Dynmao: Beyond Belief
(Sky One)

It's set to take viewers on a journey across the globe as Dynamo performs close-up miracles, heart-stopping magic and impossible predictions hat will have a lasting effect both on him and the people he interacts with.

Some scenes will get pretty emotional, as his magic touches people in extraordinary ways.

Talking of an upcoming scene, he said: "I don’t intend to make women cry [he laughs], but I think it shows the power of magic. Magic really does hit people in an emotional way a bit like music.

"For me, magic isn’t a physical thing; it’s an emotion that we all have inside of us. My skillset allows me to share magic in a different way. It’s really interesting tapping into people’s emotions."

We can't wait!


 Dynamo: Beyond Belief airs 9th April at 9pm on Sky One and NOW TV.  If you're looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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