Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad – everything you need to know about

Bradley and Barney continue their adventurous road trip across the United States with a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains this week

Brad and barn

Bradley Walsh is one of the most infectious personalties on TV, proving a popular figure whether he be presenting, acting or even singing.


Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that Breaking Dad – a series which sees him get up to all sorts of shenanigans while travelling with his actor son Barney – proved such a hit when it aired last year.

It’s now returned for a second series, here’s everything you need to know about Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad…

When is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad on TV?

The fourth episode of Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad airs on ITV at 8pm on Wednesday 29th January. You can catch up with last week’s episode on ITV Hub, while it will continue next Wednesday at the same time.

What is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad about?

On tonight’s episode, the actor and his son arrive in Ohio, where they head for Dayton – the birthplace of aviation – before the pair attend a local rodeo later that evening.

Brad soon realises that they are not just there to spectate on the sport, they are also expected to take part. However, a nasty fall from an angry bull means Brad spends the rest of the night in hospital.

Do you have a review?

Yes, Radio Times writer Jane Rackham had the following to say about the latest episode:

“I was unwittingly right when I wrote last week that the extreme activities Barney Walsh makes his dad try could end with a hospital visit.’“We might have taken it too far this time,’ says a concerned Barney after a painful misadventure.

“The pair are in Dayton, Ohio, birthplace of aviation, where Bradley (a Rolls-Royce engineer in his youth) is beside himself with excitement at the prospect of a 35-second flight in an early biplane designed by the Wright brothers. He’s less keen when his son takes the controls of another small plane for the first time. That’s not what does for him, though.”

Who is the narrator on Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad?

They might present rival tea-time quiz shows, but here Bradley Walsh and Alexander Armstrong are collaborators, with the Pointless host lending his voice to the narration for the series.


Where is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad filmed?

The series is filmed across the United States as the father and son duo complete their road trip, with previous locations including LA, Texas and Florida.