Three Girls viewers praise “challenging, riveting and comprehensively devastating” series

The BBC drama telling the story of the Rochdale child sex ring won unanimous praise on Twitter


Three Girls was not the sort of drama you dip into with a bowl of popcorn. The three-part series, which aired Tuesday-Thursday this week, was a sobering watch as it told the real-life story of the Rochdale sex ring and the investigation that led to the conviction of nine mostly Pakistani men for their abuse of British girls.


The drama came to an emotional end last night, and Twitter was bowled over by its powerful message:

Viewers were unanimous in their praise for sexual health worker Sara Rowbotham who the credits revealed was made redundant not long after the convictions.

There was plenty of praise for the drama’s cast, both the established actors and the talented newcomers…

But above all, the internet was unanimous in its respect for the girls’ bravery.


This article was originally published on 19 May 2017