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Where is BBC One's The Nest filmed?

From the show's various Glasgow locations to the couple's waterside house, here's everything you need to know about the filming locations in The Nest

The Nest
Published: Sunday, 12th April 2020 at 6:10 pm

BBC One's surrogacy thriller The Nest, about an affluent couple who ask a troubled teenager to carry their child, has already got half the nation talking - and not just about the gripping plot line.


Part of the joy in watching the five-part series, starring Martin Compston and Sophie Rundle, is down to its picturesque back-drops and the couple's stunning house on the edge of a loch. Read on for a full location guide to The Nest, from the real-life waterside house, to Glasgow's city centre.

Where is the house from The Nest?

The nation has been lusting over Emily and Dan's waterside home ever since the first episode of The Nest aired - and it sounds like the show's cast members were no different.

"Both Martin [Compston] and Sophie [Rundle] were very enamoured with the house," producer Clare Kerr revealed in an exclusive interview with "I did overhear chats from time to time about, 'So how much do you think it would cost to live here? What do you think it's worth?'."

The real-life house is Cape Cove, a luxury holiday rental on the shore of Scotland's Loch Long, with floor-to-ceiling windows and its own private jetty and pebbled beach. It's located on the Rosneath Peninsula, which has been a popular destination for wealthy Glaswegians since the Victorian era.

Speaking about her search for the house ahead of filming, Kerr said: "It was a challenge, but it [a waterside house near Glasgow] was always in the script, and because water runs through the script as a kind of theme... We were really lucky in that nobody else had used it [for TV or film], because it's got such a particular look. If it appears in another show, everyone's gonna go, 'That's the house from The Nest!'."

Kerr also revealed that there are a few (almost literal) easter eggs to look out for in the house, which all tie-in to the "nesting" theme.

"If you look while you're watching it, there are lots of little motifs and bits of design, little ornaments throughout the house, with birds on them, and also egg-shaped things. They're all there, for the eagle-eye[d]," Kerr said.

Where is the Loch where Emily wild swims?

Emily's wild-swimming took place "in Loch Long, it was right outside the house," according to producer Clare Kerr.

Filming the wild swimming scene "was a challenge, it was very cold in the Loch," she said, "and Sophie [Rundle] was incredible - she just went for it, like a trooper I would say, she totally got stuck in. And nobody [in the crew] was looking forward to doing it."

She continued: "We had a really amazing woman who our stunt woman, who was there as well, to do some of the longer shots, but Sophie said she was prepared for the cold, but not so much how hard it was to keep in one spot, because the movement of the water moves you around so much, so trying to do that thing when the cameraman says, 'Hold it there', [it was] really hard to do that."

Where is Kaya's flat in Glasgow?

Much of The Nest is filmed in and around Glasgow, and Kaya's flat, where we first meet her and later see her standing at the top of her building, is no exception.

The real-life flat is situated in New Gorbals, Glasgow, situated on the south bank of the River Clyde.

All of The Nest was filmed on location in Scotland, in accordance with the show's scripts.

Where is Emily's music school?

In The Nest, Sophie Rundle's character Emily is a music teacher at a prestigious (fictional) Scottish music school.

The school, however, was actually filmed at the historic Glasgow City Chambers, which was built during the Victorian era and can be found on the eastern side of the city's centre, George Square.

The location was also used for filming a town hall meeting, when Dan presents his ideas for a new development.

Where are the newspaper offices in The Nest?

In episode two, the viewer is introduced to Eleanor (played by Harry Potter star Katie Leung), a journalist who is interested in Dan's business affairs - and a death that he is somehow connected to.

The fictional newspaper offices where we meet her were filmed at Glasgow's naval college, situated in the city centre. It was also where Dan's office was filmed, albeit on a different floor.

Where are the waterfalls in The Nest?

The fictional waterfall area "Calderwood Falls", which in episode three Kaya tells Jack is her favourite place in the world, was filmed at the hard-to-reach Devil's Pulpit (it's also previously been used as a location on the period drama Outlander).

Speaking to, producer Clare Kerr revealed that a "pulley system" and kayaks for the cast were required in order to film a pivotal scene there.


Five-part series The Nest began on Sunday 22nd March at 9pm on BBC One, airing weekly at the same time after that.


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