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Susie Dent reveals alternative TV Word of the Year

If 'Youthquake' from the OED seems a bit weird, Countdown's Susie Dent has joined forces with Netflix to come up with some binge-watching alternatives

Published: Friday, 15th December 2017 at 12:25 pm

So 'Youthquake' has been named 2017's Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary – and people aren't that impressed.


But if the OED's choice leaves you cold, Countdown's Susie Dent has combined with streaming service Netflix to come up with some binge-based alternatives.

Given that 'binge-watch' was Collins Dictionary's Word of the Year in 2015, it's no surprise Netflix is trying to repeat its wordsearch success – although we're not sure how many of these will actually catch on...

In the video above, Susie Dent offers up 'netrayal' as an alternative Word of the Year.

Come again?

'Netrayal' is 'the act of cheating on your partner by watching ahead' apparently.

Dent explains: "As in, 'Darling, I'll forgive you for the netrayal, but if you tell me where Barb is before I've caught up I will strangle you."

Other Netflix bids for dictionary dominance include Flixation (an obsession with your favourite Netflix show) and Plotsplain (To explain an entire storyline to someone as condescendingly as possible).


Maybe we'll stick with Gilmore Girls' final four words instead...


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