Succession actor Jeremy Strong has revealed he had “strong feelings” about the climax of the most recent episode.


The acclaimed HBO and Sky Atlantic drama series Succession has seen Strong’s character Kendall Roy go to war with his media mogul father Logan (Brian Cox) and siblings.

Season three episode three, titled The Disruption, saw Kendall grow increasingly obsessed with his media image and also go out of his way to disrupt his sister Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) making a big speech to the family company Waystar Royco.

The end of the episode saw Kendall’s plans to appear on a late-night comedy show interrupted, however, when Shiv hit back at him with a devastating open letter that called out his troubles with substance misuse, romantic dramas, and parenting of his children in a public forum.

Pulling out of the show at the last minute, Kendall retreated to a room backstage and sunk down to the floor devastated.

However, actor Jeremy Strong did not initially agree with the reaction of Kendall to Shiv’s letter being portrayed as was seen in the episode.

Strong revealed to TV Line: "It’s interesting: I didn’t think it would hit me hard."

The actor revealed that he ended up having discussions with showrunner Jesse Armstrong about the scene.

He revealed: "I said, ‘None of this is new. They’ve all said this s**t about me before. I expect this. They’re playing dirty. Why would this be devastating to me?

"I don’t agree. And I think what she says needs to be more personal and more specific. I have strong feelings about it.'"

Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy in Succession season 3
Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy in Succession season 3 HBO/Sky Atlantic

Strong adds that Armstrong responded in a "magnanimous way" and told him to wait and see while shooting.

The actor performed the scene and ultimately found that despite the harsh treatment the Roy siblings have dealt each other in the past, the letter from Shiv still proved to be "so incredibly hurtful" and Kendall had a "primal" reaction.

The Kendall Roy actor noted that "you’re still a kid when you’re with your siblings".

The much-celebrated Succession cast is expanding in season three thanks to new additions including Sanaa Lathan, Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgard.

We also have you covered on how to watch Succession season 3 in the UK.

Succession continues on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and is available from 2am the same day on NOW and Sky on Demand.


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