Script for Benedict Cumberbatch drama Brexit “stolen and leaked”

Writer James Graham wrote on Twitter that "disappointingly" an early draft had been revealed online

benedict cumberbatch in Brexit

The script for Benedict Cumberbatch drama Brexit has been leaked online, its writer has revealed.


James Graham, who is penning the film for Channel 4, took to Twitter to say that a first draft of the two-hour drama had been “stolen and leaked”.

Graham, who has also written hit politically themed West End plays Ink and This House, said online: “Disappointingly a very early draft of my Brexit TV drama was stolen and leaked to various people to read and now comment online. My fellow writers on here will know what first drafts are like as you privately play around and test ideas. It is not the script we’re shooting.

“As anyone who has seen my stage work I hope knows, the care I take in research, and the attempts I make to be fair and balanced, are heartfelt, and sincere. And also – takes time. 8 months after this private early draft I’ve been constantly meeting with those involved and updating it.”

“As those doing important work in this area know themselves wading into this territory can be frightening, but important,” he added in another tweet. “It’s the defining issue of our age and I take that seriously.”

He added that he looked forward “to people engaging with my actual script”, before signing off “Big love x”.

Brexit is currently in production and the Sherlock and Doctor Strange actor will star as Vote Leave’s leading strategist Dominic Cummings.

The script has been revised to incorporate some of the big news stories and events that have taken place since it was first commissioned.


Brexit will air on Channel 4