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Outlander's David Berry would be onboard for a Lord John Grey spin-off series

The Australian actor told that he would reprise his role if Starz commissioned a Lord John Grey spin-off series...

Published: Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 12:01 am

Outlander's David Berry has confirmed that he would reprise his role as fan favourite Lord John Grey if a spin-off series about his character was ever commissioned.


Speaking to ahead of the Outlander season five release, Berry said that he would "take that opportunity" if it should arise.

His comments follow the recent announcement that Outlander could be getting "extensions, spin-offs or sequels" according to Jeffrey Hirsch, CEO and president of the show's US streamer Starz. Fans were quick to speculate that there could be an upcoming Lord John Grey spin-off series, given that Outlander author Diana Gabaldon gave the character his own spin-off novels.

Asked about whether he'd be open to reprising his role for a spin-off series, Berry said that he'd already read Gabaldon's books on Lord John Grey: "I think that the character is great, we all love him because there's something quite compelling about how who he is and I think again Diana has written some great material; I've read her novels of Lord John for my own edification and background character research, I think he's a great character.

"And so could I imagine playing him - I'm already playing him and if the material was there, and if that was something people would really like to see, then for sure I'd take that opportunity," he added.

lord john grey outlander
Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser alongside David Berry as Lord John Grey in Outlander

He continued: "I think he's one of those great characters in films, novels and so forth that you know, have a certain punch and have a certain gravitas, and I think the reason why this character has popularity in this show is because Diana's invested him with so much of that, and if I were to get to play him in that, I think I'd be a grateful recipient of her work and what she's done, so, for sure [I would play him in a spin-off series]."

Of course, fans won't have to wait long until they next see Lord John Grey, as Berry is set to reprise his role as the beloved English aristocrat and soldier in the first episode of Outlander season five.

Outlander season 5 is set to air on Starz from Sunday 16th February, with each episode airing on Amazon Prime in the UK the day after its US release

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