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How to watch Line of Duty - what’s it about and who’s in the cast?

Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure star as three anti-corruption officers in this mould breaking police drama

Line of Duty

Penned by award-winning screenwriter, Jed Mercurio, Line of Duty is a police drama and cautionary corruption tale that made waves in British television. It’s also BBC2’s most-watched drama series on record.


Starring Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure as three officers in specialised anti-corruption unit AC12, Line of Duty became essential viewing for its twisting, unpredictable plots. The drama began in 2012 and more than tripled its audience by the time series 5 aired, on BBC1, in 2019.

Where can I watch Line of Duty?

The first four series are available on Netflix. The fifth season is available on Amazon Prime Video. All five seasons are also available to purchase on DVD.

What is Line of Duty about?

Line of Duty differs from the typical detective drama in that the central characters, working together in AC12, are investigating other police officers. The idea of ‘the evil within’ adds to a plausibly sinister atmosphere that permeates through every season of Line of Duty.

Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming work together on the ground, often with Kate undercover, while boss, Superintendent Ted Hastings, looks on from headquarters. Many plotlines hinge on the idea that, because of their day to day jobs and understanding of criminal evidence, a bent copper is much harder to catch and convict than a normal criminal.

When is Line of Duty back?

Jed Mercurio told The Sun that, following the broadcast of season five, he planned to ask “whether the BBC would be prepared to commission a seventh [series] so we can approach series six knowing it’s not the last”.

This could mean substantial re-writes were necessary for series six and, as a result, it could hit our screens later. As of yet, there’s no date set to expect the next season.

Who is in the cast of Line of Duty?

Martin Compston (The Wee Man, Mary Queen of Scots) takes the lead role as outcast detective, Steve Arnott. After being investigated for his role in overseeing a fatal shooting, Arnott is transferred to AC12, the anti-corruption unit at the heart of Line of Duty’s plot. Adrian Dunbar (Death in Paradise, The Hollow Crown) takes the role of his long-suffering boss, Superintendent Ted Hastings and Vicky McClure (This is England ’86, Broadchurch) co-stars as undercover specialist, Kate Fleming.

Where is Line of Duty set?

The setting of Line of Duty is never explicitly mentioned. However, some telephone numbers featured in the series use a Birmingham area code and the fictional ‘East Midlands Constabulary’ is referred to on numerous occasions. 

Where was Line of Duty filmed?

The first series was filmed in Birmingham. With series two, three, four and five being shot in Northern Ireland.

How many seasons are there of Line of Duty?

So far there are five seasons and, as discussed above, season six may be the last, or there may be a seventh.

Who wrote Line of Duty?

Former doctor and RAF Officer, Jed Mercurio, is the man responsible for Line of Duty’s gripping plotlines. Mercurio won the 2017 British Screenwriters’ Award for Best Crime Writing on Television for his work on Line of Duty.

Who is ‘H’ in Line of Duty?

The on-going search for the mysterious corrupt police officer, ‘H’, led to fan speculation that Ted Hastings may be the officer in question. Adrian Dunbar told The Guardian that writer, Jed Mercurio, asked him to add “a couple of looks” to certain scenes to create suspicion around Hastings.

Dunbar said: “These things can be quite arbitrary. Jed will say, ‘Why don’t we put a couple of looks here in this particular scene’, and suddenly you’re like, what the heck is going on? Am I the bad guy now?”


Is there a trailer for Line of Duty?

Yes, you can get a taste of season one below.


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