Who plays Laura Nielson in ITV’s Liar? Meet Joanne Froggatt

Everything you need to know about the former Downton Abbey star

Joanne Froggatt as Laura in Liar

Laura Nielson in Liar is played by Joanne Froggatt.


Laura teaches English at a local secondary school. When we meet her she is single for the first time in many years as her ex-boyfriend Tom moves the last of his stuff out of her flat. She is persuaded to go out with the handsome father of one of her students, and the date goes well – until it doesn’t.


Where have I seen her before? Most famously, Joanne Froggatt starred as lady’s maid Anna Bates in Downton Abbey, winning a Golden Globe for best supporting actress. She’s also been in Coronation Street, Murder in the Outback, and recently in the ITV series Dark Angel – where she played the serial killer Mary Ann Cotton.

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