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Joanne Froggatt to lead supernatural Apple podcast The Harrowing

The Golden Globe winning actress - best known for her role as Anna on Downton Abbey - plays a police officer recounting a supernatural crime.

Joanne Froggatt
Published: Thursday, 18th June 2020 at 3:44 pm

Downton Abbey actress Joanne Froggatt will lead the voice cast in an upcoming supernatural podcast, titled The Harrowing.


The Apple podcast, created by Storyglass, is set on a remote Scottish island, and recounts the story of a young girl and mysterious stranger who both disappear over Easter.

The Harrowing, which has already been recorded, will debut on Apple Podcasts later in June, and stars Golden Globe winner Froggatt as Sergeant Jackie O’Hara, who looks back on the dark Easter events as she narrates the tale.

Froggatt said of her casting: “It was an absolute pleasure to work on this dark, supernatural thriller. The pull between good and evil, and heaven and hell sets the tone for this incredible story.”

Froggart is best known internationally for playing the maid Anna in the long-running ITV series Downton Abbey, winning a Golden Globe and picking up three Emmy nominations along the way, before reprising the role in the recent film of the same name.

However, she's also no stranger to crime drama - she's played Laura, a woman who alleges she was raped, in the ITV drama series Liar since 2017.

Storyglass has also attracted big name actors in the past, including Bridesmaids actor Chris O'Dowd, who led the voice cast in Baby It's Cold Outside, a podcast series about homelessness.

Other podcasts on their upcoming slate include The Wolf of Paris, a historical drama about Margaret of Anjou.


The Harrowing will be available to listen to on Apple Podcasts from 25th June 2020. If you're looking for something to watch, check out our TV guide.


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