How much would it cost to buy that house in my favourite TV show?

Ever wondered whether you could afford a crash pad with Sherlock on Baker Street? Buy Walter White's Breaking Bad house in Albuquerque? Or save money with the Croydon flat from Peep Show? Time to start looking for a mortgage...


As the rampant UK property market continues to spiral out of control, the closest many young people can get to home ownership in 21st century Britain is sitting in someone else’s house watching other people own homes on TV.


So what better time to fantasise about what you could buy off the telly – if only you could raise the deposit…

Doctor Who – Rose Tyler’s flat


Brandon Estate, Kennington, London

The Powell Estate where Rose Tyler lives is in fact the Brandon Estate in central South East London. Despite rocketing property prices in the capital, you can still pick up two bedroom ex-council flats on this estate for not much more than £200k, with rents at about £950 a month.


The OC – the Cohen residence

£4 million

Ocean Breeze Dr, Malibu, California, USA

Teen drama The OC not only made household names of teen actors Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson (in our house, anyway), but it also made a whole new generation of little Britons lust after a life of sun, sand and surf in California.  The Cohens’ sizeable five bedroom and seven bathroom seaside property was at the epicentre of much of this property porn.

You may be upset to learn that the actual house used was not in Orange County, but was instead up the coast in Malibu.

It’s estimated to be worth a cool £4 million, and would cost about £15,000 a month to rent.  Keep saving for that deposit.


Outnumbered – the Brockman residence

£1.35 million

Dempster Road, Wandsworth, London, UK

Although the Brockman family are meant to live in Chiswick, the house seen in the show is actually in Wandsworth, in South London. It’s unlikely that an inner-city school teacher and a part time PA with three children could afford this house in the bullish London property market, but what do we really know about the families’ finances? A four bedroom house on this street would today cost around £1.35 million and about £4,000 per calendar month to rent. You might win the lottery, I guess? But where’s the rest of the money coming from!


Peep Show – Mark’s flat


Zodiac Court, Croydon, UK

Those on a slightly more modest budget might like to consider moving out of central London to Croydon.  That’s exactly what canny credit controller Mark Corrigan did to be able to afford to buy his flat in Zodiac House. Those wishing to live the dream alongside a best pal called, say, Jez, will be pleased to know that a two bed flat in the building (plus a bathroom and balcony) can be purchased for around £185,000 (or rented for under £800 a month).


Breaking Bad – Walter and Skyler White’s House


Piermont Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

It was once a happy home – but after Walt decided to give up chemistry teaching to become a full-time meth cook and distributor, things got less pleasant in the White household. But how much would you pay for the memories, eh?

Well according to the latest estimates, the house is worth about £115,000 and would cost around £500 a month to rent. However, eager BB fans with deep pockets hoping to buy a bit of TV history beware: the house is not for sale. Fran and Louie Padilla, who’ve lived in the house since 1973, told TMZ that they would never sell, despite thousands of visitors now approaching their home every month for a glimpse of Heisenberg’s former HQ.


Homeland – Brody residence


Knob Hill Ct, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The street the Brody family live on always seemed like a pleasant and peaceful one, but it’s always the quiet ones that have all the drama, isn’t it?

Well, if you want to be part of the show, you’ll need to head for Charlotte, North Carolina, where this 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom property boasting 2,500 square feet of space is valued at around £250,000, or could be rented for about £950 a month.


Spaced – Tim and Daisy’s flat


Carleton Road, Tufnell Park N7

If you fancy following in the footsteps of Tim and Daisy and pretending to be a professional couple in order to get this flat, you’ll need to head for North West London.  We can’t guarantee your neighbours will be as exciting and conceptually inspiring as Brian Topp, and unless you’re doing quite well you’ll struggle to buy into this leafy street, where similar flats are currently changing hands for around £550,000 and commanding rents of roughly £1,800 per month.


Sherlock – John and Sherlock’s flat

£1.7 million

221B Baker Street, London

OK, so this isn’t a real place (the TV show is filmed in nearby Gower Street), but some guys at a real estate agency drew a floor plan of Sherlock and John’s house and using a calculation of £963 a square foot for this prime London location, they came up with the punchy figure detailed above.


Party of Five House

£6 million

Broadway St, San Francisco, California, USA

The 90s show launched the career of Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and solidified Matthew “Lost” Fox’s position in TV as a dangerous hunk. It also made a very splendid San Francisco house a television icon.

With stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Area from all levels, this 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom property boasts a whopping 6,705 square feet of real estate.


The price? A snip at an estimated £6 million, or just £22,000 a month to rent.