First look at Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss in Taboo

Mycroft is making a jump to Tom Hardy’s period drama this weekend


Mark Gatiss – Sherlock co-creator, writer and the man behind Mycroft’s signature sneer – will be popping up in episode two of Taboo, the BBC’s gritty new drama starring Tom Hardy. Expect he won’t be looking too grubby himself.


As new pictures released by the Beeb show, Gatiss will be playing the Prince Regent – the future George IV – lounging in what looks like a very lavish palace.


No, really, that is Gatiss. Granted, he isn’t playing the royal with the same wide-eyed ignorance that Hugh Laurie did in Blackadder, but that really is him ­– albeit with what looks like some heavy prosthetics.

Let’s take a closer look…


Hopefully we’ll find out just what map he’s holding (possibly of Nootka Sound, the land Tom Hardy’s James Delaney inherits) and exactly how big his role is in episode two.


Taboo continues on 9.15pm, Saturday, BBC1