Writer Heidi Thomas on plans for a possible Call the Midwife movie

"We would never rule out a feature film because it's an opportunity to expand that world"

Call the Midwife movie

Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas has revealed she would be interested in bringing the BBC drama to the big screen for a “gorgeous” feature film.


“Over the years – and we’ve been doing the show for eight years now – I think we’ve become more and more confident in our remit,” she explained at the Radio Times Covers Party, as she confirmed that storylining for series nine has already begun.

Call the Midwife

Asked if she would be up for writing a Call the Midwife movie, she said: “Oh gosh, wouldn’t it be gorgeous?”

The TV screenwriter added: “The thing is, at the moment Call the Midwife still feels as though it has so much potential in television. But we would never rule out something like a feature film because it’s an opportunity to expand that world and maybe look at it from a different angle.

“And above all else, we love that world and we want to keep making drama set in that world. So who knows?”

And while the Call the Midwife movie hasn’t yet been “formally” discussed, it is definitely a topic of conversation.

“Sometimes we sit there with a cup of tea and we say ‘Oh wouldn’t it be lovely if,’ – but we say lots of things when we’re having a cup of tea and they don’t always come to fruition,” Thomas said.

“So no formal discussions at all, but I think it’s nice to think that the possibility would be there some day…”


This article was originally published in January 2019