Netflix’s A Fall From Grace ending explained

We break down the big finale of Tyler Perry's latest drama **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

A Fall From Grace - Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad - Photo Credit: Netflix / Charles Bergmann

Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace is the filmmaker’s first feature to land exclusively on Netflix, telling a dark story of love and betrayal with a shocking twist.


When a woman is accused of murdering her husband, a young public defender is the only one who stands a chance at clearing her name.

Here’s what you need to know about the film’s dramatic finale and twist ending – beware spoilers…

What is A Fall From Grace about?

Crystal Fox plays Grace Waters, a woman who stands accused of murdering Shannon DeLong, a younger man she married after he swept her off her feet with a whirlwind romance.

Soon after their nuptials, she finds that he isn’t the gentleman she originally thought, catching him with another woman and discovering he was stealing money from her.

The resulting fight ends with her pushing him down a flight of stairs, seemingly to his death, yet his body disappears.

As Grace faces serious jail time, public defender Jasmine Bryant must get to the bottom of the case, believing she is in fact an innocent victim.

A Fall From Grace ending explained

A Fall From Grace - Cicely Tyson, Bresha Webb - Photo Credit: Netflix / Charles Bergmann

As it turns out, Jasmine was right to follow her gut instinct because Grace is indeed being played by two important people in her life: her former lover and her best friend.

After pushing Shannon down the stairs for his repeated betrayals, Grace flees her home and asks Sarah for help, a close friend who runs a care home for elderly people.

Sarah claims she went to the house alone intending to help cover up the murder, but when she arrived Shannon’s body was already gone, believing Grace’s son to have taken it.

The truth is a completely different story, as Jasmine ultimately discovers. When she drops by the old people’s home that Sarah manages, she finds several elderly women locked in the basement before being kidnapped herself.

It emerges that Sarah is actually Shannon’s mother and that her son is alive and well, hiding out in her house as they wait for Grace to be convicted.

The pair have been working together for years on similar cons, using the personal details of their captives in the basement to create new identities and find new people to swindle.

In the climax of the film, Jasmine’s husband breaks into the house to save her, getting into a fight with Shannon that ends with the conman being shot.

Grace’s name is cleared and she is released from jail, allowing her to be reunited with her son.

It isn’t all good news though: Sarah is able to slip away in the chaos and is seen in the closing moments being hired as a carer for a woman’s elderly mother. It seems like she’s still up to her devious schemes… sequel?


A Fall From Grace is now streaming on Netflix