Channel 4 to air one-off documentary film exploring the death of Stuart Lubbock

The revealing new series, which promises answers to the tragic case from 2001, is part of a slate of new shows

Harlow, UNITED KINGDOM: Terry Lubbock the father of Stuart Lubbock, who died in suspicious circumstances at the former home of British entertainer Michael Barrymore in Roydon, England. on March 31, 2001, gives a press conference in the pouring rain outside his home in Harlow, England  14 June 2007, after Michael Barrymore was rearrested for further questioning. He holds a cassette with the photograph of his son on the cover   AFP     PHOTO    MAX NASH (Photo credit should read MAX NASH/AFP via Getty Images)

Channel 4 will air a one-off documentary that explores the case of Stuart Lubbock, who was found dead in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool almost 20 years ago.


After his body was discovered on 31st March 2001, the story appeared all over the British media as speculation was rampant on the exact circumstances of the death.

Barrymore’s television career declined rapidly in the media storm, but no convictions were ever made.

The case will now be the subject of a 90-minute documentary titled Unexplained, which brings together the accounts of the Lubbock family, detectives, forensic pathologists and eyewitnesses to piece together exactly what happened on that fateful night.

Terry Lubbock, Stuart’s father, said: “This documentary is about the questions around what happened to my son, Stuart Lubbock. Finally. The story has become so distorted and confused over the years. So much has been said and written. It’s time to put all the facts together in one place.”

Along the way, the programme will also discuss the UK’s tabloid culture, relationship with celebrities and attitudes to homosexuality.

Ian Katz, Director of Programmes at Channel 4, said: “The death of Stuart Lubbock found in Michel Barrymore’s pool is one of the most iconic and controversial cases of recent times.

This remarkable film, with never before seen police evidence and exclusive interviews with those involved in the investigation, reminds us that 19 years on no one has yet been held accountable for the tragedy.”

Unexplained is part of a slate of new shows that Channel 4 announced today, which also includes The Write Offs, a two-part series about adult illiteracy hosted by QI’s Sandi Toksvig.

Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig

The programme will offer one-to-one tuition to eight adults who are considered functionally illiterate and follow them as they work to improve their skills.

Sandi Toksvig said: “Working on The Write Offs has been one of the great honours of my working life. I have had the extraordinary pleasure of spending time with eight courageous people who have approached their deepest fears with humour and determination.

Like me, I just know not only will everyone fall in love with them, they will review what they think they know about reading and writing. I believe the ripple effect from these eight will be astonishing.”


Unexplained and The Write Offs will air on Channel 4 in 2020