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What time is Catastrophe series 3 on TV?

Everything you need to know about Sharon and Rob’s return to Channel 4

Published: Tuesday, 7th March 2017 at 3:38 pm

What time is it on?


The filthy, funny Catastrophe on Channel 4 on Tuesday 7th March at 10pm.

What’s happening in episode 2?

Poor Rob. As well as being forced to cope with his wife Sharon’s sexual indiscretion with a student in series two, Rob Delaney’s dry drunk appears to have rediscovered the lure of booze/ This, of course, is all he needs, what with unemployment, money worries and suggestions that their son, Frankie, is biting another child in the playground. The accuser’s mother looks like she has a heap of her own problems – but with the luck our central couple have had lately, it would take an optimistic fool to bet that the claims don’t have, er, teeth.

Still, only a show this assured and sharp could mine as many laughs and smiles amid this level of pain and despair, a point amply demonstrated when Sharon (Sharon Horgan) delivers an excruciating school-assembly eulogy for a fellow teacher who has just committed suicide. Trust me, it’s hilarious.


Will Carrie Fisher be in it?


The sixth (and final) episode of the new series will also see a return for Carrie Fisher's Mia, Rob's difficult mother, in what promises to be a "chunkier" role according to Horgan and in what Channel 4 describe as a "highly emotional" episode. 


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