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There She Goes season one recap: What happened in the BBC comedy drama?

Get caught up on the David Tennant / Jessica Hynes comedy drama ahead of the upcoming second season.

Published: Wednesday, 8th July 2020 at 12:42 pm

David Tennant and Jessica Hynes return for a second season of There She Goes, playing a couple whose youngest child, Rosie, has a severe learning disorder.


The darkly funny BBC Two comedy drama, inspired by the writers' real-life experiences with their own daughter, interweaves between two different timelines: the first when Rosie is born, and the second when she's primary-school age.

However, you'd be forgiven for needing a catch-up on what happened last season, following a two-year gap between seasons one and two. You might also have missed the first run of episodes, which originally aired on BBC Four.

Read on for everything you need to know.

What happened in There She Goes season one?

The series is inspired by the real-life experiences of writers Shaun Pye and Sarah Crawford, whose daughter was born in 2006 with a severe learning disability.

Season one, starring David Tennant as Simon and Jessica Hynes as Emily, focuses on the couple in two different timelines: 2006, when their daughter Rosie is born, and 2015, when Rosie is aged nine and her parents are continuing to grapple with the challenge of raising her - while trying to find the humour in their situation.

For example, when Emily's parents take the family to a fancy restaurant for Ben's birthday (Rosie's older brother) in episode five, Rosie refuses to eat anything until Simon leaves to pick up some dough balls from Rosie's preferred restaurant of choice, Pizza Express.

Speaking to and other press ahead of season two, Pye said, "The joy of it is that you can have the early timeline, which is darker and more miserable, but in a way, the lightness of the later timeline tells the audience that it’s all going to be fine. Nothing horrible is going to happen to this little girl - there’s light at the end of it, so enjoy or embrace the darkness in the early timeline because it does get better, don’t worry."

There She Goes (BBC)
There She Goes (BBC)

Some of the darker elements of the flashbacks include Simon's alcoholism and rude behaviour to both Emily and colleagues, alongside the couple's visits to the geneticist to talk about Rosie's undiagnosed chromosomal disorder.

Do Simon and Emily split up in There She Goes?

The season one and two flashbacks also see Simon and Emily sleeping in separate rooms, and openly joking about and then discussing with friends the possibility of their divorce - but we know from the present-day timelines (when Rosie is nine and eleven) that they don't split up.

Jessica Hynes said of season two, "Emily and Simon’s marriage, again, goes through another really difficult patch, and I love the way that [writers] Shaun and Sarah explore that, and tell that story, and are just honest about that struggle, and how they get through it."


There She Goes season two will begin on 9th July 2020 at 9:30pm on BBC Two (marking a move from BBC Four). Check out what else is on with our TV Guide


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