The Simpsons: Mr Burns endorses Mitt Romney – video

Springfield's evil billionaire comes out in support of the Republican presidential candidate

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s got a new supporter in the form of Springfield’s hook-nosed billionaire Monty Burns.


In this newly-released video, the liver-spotted industrialist attempts to convince American voters to get behind Romney with the help of a crude political allegory.

Sitting inside the creepily gothic Springfield Republican Party Headquarters (which looks rather like Dracula’s Transilvanian homestead), Burns introduces viewers to Mitt Romney’s dog and brings two stooges carrying trays into the room, one wearing a Barack Obama mask, the other a likeness of Romney.

Naturally “Romney’s” tray contains a suculent sirloin steak, while “Obama’s” only holds a couple of wilting broccoli florets. Burns then asks the dog which candidate it would rather spend time with, and the mutt looks genuinely confused. Who will it choose…?

This is the second food-based political Simpsons message to have been released during the run-up to Tuesday 6 November’s presidential election, appearing just over a month after Homer Simpson voted for Romney in disgust at Michelle Obama’s healthy eating plans:


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