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The next series of Catastrophe could run for TEN episodes

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are understood to be thinking of expanding the length of the fourth series of the Channel 4 comedy

Published: Monday, 10th April 2017 at 5:30 pm

Hit Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe finished its third series two weeks ago and a fourth has already been commissioned.


Now can reveal that there is talk of a ten-part run for the next series, which is also a massive hit on Amazon in the US.

All three series so far have run for six week so far, but the plan is to extend that according to sources.

It is understood that the writers are seriously considering the move, which is backed by Channel 4 and Amazon.

But after that? Well, we may have a fairly long wait before the fifth series returns to the trouble-laden couple Rob and Sharon.

Delaney assures that he and Horgan are taking a break before writing series four, and a fifth could have an even longer gap if it is commissioned.

“We sort of think of our spiritual forbear as the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset films,” Delaney tells us. “They rather beautifully dip in once every ten years on this couple and that’s a rather amazing way to tell a story.”

One reason for this is the stunning success of Catastrophe, which has made the pair in demand stars in the UK and US.

Horgan is overseeing a second series of US comedy Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker and is co-writing a full series of her BBC comedy Motherland.


Delaney, who has a young family, is expected to announce a stand-up tour very shortly.


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