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Ruth Jones says asking about another Gavin & Stacey series “spoils” the new Christmas special

“It's a bit like opening loads of presents on Christmas Day and going ‘Oh yeah, yeah great, what's next?'."

Published: Tuesday, 10th December 2019 at 2:30 pm

It’s fair to say that news of the surprise return of Gavin & Stacey this Christmas set the internet alight, with fans around the world rejoicing that Ruth Jones and James Corden’s smash-hit sitcom would be back for a one-off festive special.


However, the comeback has also raised plenty of questions about whether the series could come back for more episodes, or even a full series a decade after the last one concluded on BBC One – and co-creator Jones says she’s already sick and tired of people jumping the gun.

“We will have to talk about it at some point,” Jones (who also plays Nessa in the comedy) told

“But at the moment…. it's funny isn't it. You present something and people want more, immediately.

“You want to say 'Can we just watch this?' Because this has taken a year, or two years really, but a year since we started writing it to get this together.

“Can we not ask about what’s coming next? Because it sort of spoils it a little bit.”

And Jones even had an appropriately festive analogy for why fans should just try and savour this new episode before clamouring for more…

“It's a bit like opening loads of presents on Christmas Day and going ‘Oh yeah, yeah great, what's next? Oh yeah, what's the next one?’” Jones told us.

“And you go, ‘No! Let's open this present and lets really enjoy it and appreciate that present.’”

In other words, we the fans are the greedy children already eyeing up what’s next in the stocking, and we all need to calm down a bit before badgering Jones about whether Gav, Stacey, Nessa and Smithy will be back for more adventures.

After Christmas Day, though, when the episode has already aired? Well, we’d say all bets are off…


Gavin & Stacey returns to BBC One on Christmas Day at 8:30pm


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