Go behind the scenes of Only Fools and Horses with Boycie

John Challis to speak at Radio Times Festival

As Boycie the wheeler dealer in Only Fools and Horses, John Challis knew a good deal when it tweaked his moustache. Now he’s giving you… yes YOU!… the chance to hear behind-the-scenes stories from your favourite sitcom.


25 million – count ‘em!– tuned into the 1996 Christmas special, but only the lucky few at this year’s Radio Times Festival at Hampton Court Palace will get to hear the actor’s treasured memories of the show.

How much would you pay to hear Boycie – he of Only Fools and The Green Green Grass– reminisce about his career?




Pah! We’re offering you the exclusive chance to see Being Boycie: John Challis on Only Fools and Horses for the low, low price of £10!!!!

(£6 for children!)


(Discounts available if you have a word in Del Boy’s ear)