First picture of Martin Kemp’s return to Birds of a Feather

Spandau Ballet and ex-EastEnders star will reprise the role of gangster Vince in the upcoming Christmas special


Vince is back in Birds of a Feather. Martin Kemp’s gangster character – who was last seen getting very friendly with Dorien in the back of a hearse – is returning to Chigwell in this year’s Christmas special.


In the feature length episode we discover that Vince runs a bar in Tangier and comes to the ladies’ rescue when they attract the attention of some unwanted people.

The “birds” have flown to the country to search for Travis (Charlie Quirke) who has gone missing on his gap year.

Last we saw of Vince he got together with Lesley Joseph’s maneater character in the back of the horse-drawn hearse.


Kemp said at the time: “Me and Dorien have sex in the back of a hearse. It was one of the funniest things I’ve done in ages.”