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People think the new Dad's Army stamps are a cheeky comment on Brexit

With phrases like "Don't panic!" and "It won't cost you much...", the quotes on the 50th anniversary Royal Mail stamps have quickly got fans laughing

Published: Tuesday, 12th June 2018 at 12:07 pm

Royal Mail has unveiled a set of eight special stamps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dad's Army.


Fans have been quick to share their love for the commemorative stamps, which feature beloved characters from the BBC sitcom and classic quotes.

However, some people are cheekily wondering there's more to them than meet the eye, suggesting that the collection includes some sneaky Brexit commentary as well as a celebration of the hit comedy.

The stamps feature much-loved Dad's Army quotes including Frazer exclaiming "We're doomed. Doomed!", Sergeant Wilson asking "Do you think that's wise, sir?" and Lance Corporal Jones crying "Don't panic! Don't panic!"

Given that the Dad's Army stamps have been released on the first day of MPs voting on the EU Withdrawal Bill, it didn't take long for the Brexit jokes to come rolling in...

Earlier this year Conservative MP Nigel Evans called for a series of stamps to be made to commemorate the Brexit vote. According to the Express, in a letter to MPs Royal Mail explained that it would not be releasing Brexit stamps as it had to maintain "strict political neutrality".

Dad's Army actor Ian Lavender, who played Pike in the hit BBC comedy, said it was "overwhelming" to be on a stamp.

He told the BBC: "I didn't believe you could have someone still alive on a stamp apart from the Queen. Being on a stamp is not something you hope for simply because it is so unlikely.

"You can hope for an OBE or a Bafta - those are things that happen. But to be on a stamp, well it really is so nice. What a lovely surprise."

Royal Mail spokesperson Philip Parker said he hoped they would "raise plenty of smiles".


Job done.


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