How Netflix Party extension lets you watch along with friends while stuck at home

The Google Chrome extension lets you chat and share comments in real-time as you watch Netflix shows

Netflix Party

We’re all in the same boat at the moment, stuck at home and trying to social distance.


Given the current situation, you may find yourself trying to find ways to ‘meet’ your friends, chat to your family or catch up with colleagues.

If you’re used to watching your favourite Netflix shows or films together, it can prove difficult. However, there is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to watch series and films at home alongside other people, Netflix Party.

Netflix Party lets everyone watch simultaneously, chatting away as you go. It’s not a new extension, but people have been sharing news of it to help those in self-isolation thanks to coronavirus.

All you have to do is install the Chrome extension, start watching your Netflix show or film and click on the extension—party started!

Share your link and everyone can get stuck in.

There’s a group chat function so you can also share your thoughts as you watch along together.


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