The hotly-anticipated Lies of P release date has arrived, and this Souls-like puppet game is certain to catch the eye of Elden Ring lovers.


Pinocchio's going through a rough patch in this one, and Neowiz's fully-realised dark Belle Époque world has captured the attention of many Bloodborne fans.

We can’t help but be reminded of the FromSoftware PS4 classic when we see the gothic world and creepy enemies in this game. There's a level of inspiration here, for sure.

Best of all, you could try the game out ahead of its launch by downloading its demo, which consists of the opening two chapters. Playing the free demo will let you try out the ability to combine weapons and lying feature.

Here is everything you need to know about the Souls-like Lies of P, including its release window, pre-order information, gameplay and story details, plus what platforms and consoles it’s available on.

You’ll even find a trailer at the end of the page to see the game in action.

When is the Lies of P release date?

The Lies of P release date is Tuesday 19th September 2023, it has been confirmed by the developer.

This release date is true for all versions of the game across all available platforms and consoles (more on that below).

Anyone eagerly anticipating this Pinocchio tale doesn't have long left to wait and there is even a way to play the game a few days early: pre-order it digitally.

Can I pre-order Lies of P?

You can pre-order Lies of P on GAME for £49.99 (Standard Edition) and £59.99 (Deluxe Edition). As we get closer to its August 2023 release date, the price may go down. All pre-orders come with the 'Mischievous Puppet's Set' outfit.

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

The physical Deluxe Edition is a GAME exclusive and comes with the base game, steelbook case, tome-inspired collector's box, 92-page hardback artbook, digital soundtrack, and 'The Great Venigni's Set' and unique mask to be worn to the festival.

You can also pre-purchase the game on Steam if you prefer PC gaming.

Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, and you'll be able to play the game three days early. You can pre-order that on Steam above or head to the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store on consoles. This is where you'll also find the demo.

Which consoles and platforms can play Lies of P?

Lies of P is available to buy and play on PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Sorry, Switch fans, it looks as though this one will be missing on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

On Xbox, Lies of P is a day-one Game Pass release. Subscribers will be able to play the game at no extra cost.

Lies of P gameplay and story details

In Lies of P, you play as Pinocchio and you need to find Mr Geppetto. He’s in the city - a city "overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust" - in which you will need to battle with, and lie to, everything in Pinocchio’s quest to become human.

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This dark and combat-heavy retelling of the classic fairytale has you fighting creepy critters and automatons in the fallen city of Krat. The city’s design is inspired by the European Belle Époque era of the late 19th/early 20th century.

You can check it all out in action in the release date reveal trailer:

It all looks a little Bloodborne-esque - and that’s only a good thing. This isn’t a straight FromSoftware rip-off, though.

You will be able to combine weapons to craft some unique and powerful arms for Pinocchio to wield. A special skill system allows you to change parts of Pinocchio’s body with combat-ready enhancements and other useful upgrades.

Perhaps most interesting of all, though, is the game’s lying system. Throughout the game, it seems as though you will be given quests in which you need to lie to different people. The lies you make will alter the story. There are multiple endings, you know.

Is there a Lies of P trailer?

Yes! There is a Lies of P trailer. Check out the release month trailer below to see the game in action:

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