The Great Pottery Throw Down on More 4 – everything you need to know

Your need to know guide to the new series of competitive pottery


The Great Pottery Throw Down comes from the same mould of television as The Great British Bake Off, challenging a group of normal people to compete at doing something very wholesome and charming.


And, like the baking show, it made the move from the BBC to Channel 4. Here’s everything you need to know…

When is The Great Pottery Throw Down on TV?

The series is on More4 on Wednesdays at 9pm, with every episode repeated on Channel 4 on Sundays at 7pm. You can also watch each episode on catch-up service All4 for 30 days after it airs.

What is The Great Pottery Throw Down about?

Twelve amateur potters compete against one another, with judges Keith Brymer Jones (who is most famous for his legendary waterworks) and newcomer Sue Pryke throwing increasingly obscure challenges at the contenders.

This week, the remaining 11 will be tasked with building a fiddly chess set which has 32 pieces, so expect stress levels to soar.

Do you have a review of the show?

Alison Graham, Radio Times’s TV Editor says of this series’ first episode:

“There was polite annoyance from fans when the BBC ditched The Great Pottery Throw Down after just two series. But More4 came to the rescue with a revival, although there’s a presenter change – Melanie Sykes replaces Sara Cox – and ceramicist Sue Pryke takes over as a judge from Kate Malone.

Lachrymose Keith “Stop Your Sobbing” Brymer Jones hasn’t gone anywhere, so we assume he’s packed his hankies to have a good old weep over any particular item that moves him. Twelve amateur potters arrive at the studio in Stoke-on-Trent where they must, for the first challenge, make a six-piece breakfast set, including a cafetiere.

This is puzzling to some: “Have you ever seen a ceramic cafetiere?” asks one nonplussed contestant. “I haven’t.” There’s plenty of innuendo about “lubrication” and “shrinkage”. So not that much has changed.”

Who is the host?

Melanie Sykes has taken over as host of the show, previously fronted by Sara Cox.


Who are the potters in the 2020 series?

The potters taking place in The Great Pottery Throw Down 2020 are Claire, Flea, Jacob, Kit, Leonard, Matt, Rainna, Ronaldo, Rosa, Rosalind, Sampada and Tom.

Is there a trailer?