Even Charlie Brooker doesn’t know how to access all of Bandersnatch’s scenes

It's all got a bit too complicated, even for the Black Mirror creator


Struggling to tick off all of the endings to Bandersnatch? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – even Charlie Brooker isn’t quite sure how to access THAT hidden post-credits scene.


The Black Mirror creator revealed to The Wrap that he has pretty much forgotten how to find a secret ending, which sees Stefan take out a cassette copy of his Bandersnatch game on the bus, rather than whichever one you chose for him to pick up at the shop ( Thompson Twins or Now 2).

“I think it’s either that you get it straight after the train [ending] or, if you haven’t yet done it, it will trigger if you’ve seen like four or five endings, I think. I think,” he said. “There’s some bit of arcane kind of stuff it’s working out there.”

He continued: “That’s a good example of how complicated the whole thing got — that I can’t tell you how to trigger it.”

His co-writer, Annabel Jones added: ““At the time we launched, we would have known — if that gives you any comfort and attempts for us to regain our professionalism,” she said.

Can’t really blame them, there are allegedly a trillion permutations. I can’t even remember what I chose for breakfast (Just kidding, always Frosties).


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