The first reactions to Tom Hardy’s Venom are in and “it’s… not a complete disaster?”

Will it be a super symbiote, or maximum critical carnage?

Tom Hardy as Venom (Sony, BA)

After months of build-up, the first reactions for anti-superhero movie (and Spider-Man spin-off) Venom are in from the US premiere – and it’s fair to say that opinions are quite mixed.


While many praised the offbeat performance of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and his interactions with alien symbiote Venom – also played by Hardy – most who attended the premiere also seemed to think the movie was a little stuck in the past, trying to adapt superheroes to screen while ignoring the lessons of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Full reviews will be out of embargo on Wednesday 3rd October, but for now here’s what people are saying about Venom, split up into three handy categories.

The Good(ish)

The Bad

The Ugly

Clearly, Venom has some good qualities – Tom Hardy’s performance seems more or less a consistent highlight – but it remains to be seen whether diehard fans and more casual audiences will take this new, darker superhero movie to heart (or whether Venom would just rip out their heart and eat it anyway).

Watch this space…


Venom is released in UK cinemas on Friday 5th October