Rosamund Hanson on This Is England ’88

The actress talks about love, loss and laughter while filming Shane Meadows's new drama series


The third instalment of Shane Meadows’s This Is England series kicks off tonight at 10:00pm on Channel 4 in the shape of This Is England ’88, a three-part drama set during Christmas of that year.


Like its predecessor, the three parts of this series reunite the cast of Meadows’s 2006 film, This Is England, and find central characters Lol and Woody in turmoil, still reeling from the cataclysmic events of 1986.

But they’re not the only characters having a hard time of it. Poor Smell, played by Life’s Too Short’s Rosamund Hanson, is in line for some nasty emotional shocks in this series owing to her boyfriend Shaun’s new-found female friends at college, who are getting to know him on a more than platonic level.

“It was a difficult one to play this time around, because it touched on things that were close to home,” admits Hanson.

And it’s perhaps because of having to deal with such heavy emotional material that Hanson says filming this time around wasn’t “necessarily a fun shoot – fun’s the wrong word…It was a rollercoaster.”

But despite (or possibly because of) the strength of the material, this run promises “lots of twists and turns”, according to the actress.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of it,” she says.

And, tantalisingly for fans, she adds: “Shane’s going to do [This Is England] ’90”, which will be set against the backdrop of Britain’s rave scene.”


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