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Star Wars actor reveals the giant robot that didn't make the cut in Rogue One

Alan Tudyk, who played droid K-S2O, says there was a robot that dwarfed his own character but was never seen on screen

Published: Sunday, 30th July 2017 at 1:21 pm

If you thought Rogue One’s eight-foot robot K-2SO was big, you should have seen the one that didn’t make the cut…


Alan Tudyk, who provided the voice and motion-capture performance for the re-programmed droid who joined Jyn Erso’s rebel crew, says that being on set during the filming of the Star Wars anthology movie was an incredible experience – and included an encounter with a robot that dwarfed his own character but may never have appeared on screen (maybe it was too big to fit).

“While we were filming you just couldn’t get away from being amazed all the time, because they did such a great job with make-up and prosthetics and props,” Tudyk told an audience at London Film and Comic Con.

“When we were in Jedha, the city of Jedha, there were religions, everybody was in religious garb, they were playing dice games that were completely made up, there were hierarchies within it.

“There was a massive robot I don’t think made it into the movie – huge, like about as tall as the top of the screen [about 5 metres] – and it’s being pulled by this little person, who has a trunk, and he’s pulling this big thing and it’s amazing, and then they yelled ‘cut!’… and the front part of the robot came open and this guy with no legs came out – ‘hey, that was good’ – it was made big enough just to fit this man, it was amazing.”

Sadly, it sounds like, in the end, it wasn’t the droid the director was looking for…


Alan Tudyk was speaking at London Film and Comic Con


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