Ryan Reynolds quizzes Hugh Jackman in hilariously bad celebrity interview

Ryan Reynolds: great actor, terrible journalist


Ryan Reynolds crashed Hugh Jackman’s Eddie the Eagle press interviews. What did we learn? Ryan Reynolds is a useless journalist. 


Reynolds had written the questions before he’d seen the film, so set about asking Jackman what it was like to play Eddie. Except Jackman didn’t play Eddie.

He then proceeded to offer questions from ‘fans’, including ‘Brian Bleynolds’ and Blake Lively (his wife) whom he refers to as a man and wonders why he’s keen to check with Jackman if they’re still meeting up at a hotel later… 

Reynolds jokes it’s his first and probably last interview, but we’d happily sign him up for our next round of junkets. Are you ready Ryan?


Eddie the Eagle is in cinemas from 1st April