Reports of Jack Black’s death have been greatly exaggerated…

The Twitter account for the actor's band Tenacious D was apparently hacked, posting tweets claiming that he had died


Jack Black has survived his latest death hoax and is apparently alive and well.


The Twitter account for the actor’s band Tenacious D was supposedly hacked this morning, posting several tweets claiming that Black had passed away, with the cause of death “yet unknown”.


Fans of the star were sent into a panic before the messages were revealed to be a prank by a hacker calling themselves Ruthless (or possible by someone else closer to home…), as confirmed by guitarist John Konesky who plays with Black’s bandmate Kyle Gass.


Black, meanwhile, has so far remained silent (it’s nighttime in the US so he’s probably asleep) but is likely to take the whole thing in his stride, given that it is not the first time he’s found himself in this situation.

In 2012 he was rumoured to have fallen to his death from a cliff in New Zealand, while in 2014 he was said to have suffered a stroke.


Hopefully Black has a long and healthy life ahead of him – but when he does finally pass away, no-one is going to believe it…