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Margot Robbie's brother surprises her during an interview - and it gets very awkward

So hilarious. And so so cringe

Published: Thursday, 22nd March 2018 at 2:30 pm

From the look on Margot Robbie's face, the last person she expected to be interviewing her about Peter Rabbit was her own brother.


In a brilliant stunt by MTV Australia, Margot's brother Cameron Robbie was enlisted to conduct the interview with his sister along with actress Elizabeth Debicki - whose expression throughout this whole thing is absolutely priceless.

As Cameron walks into the room and takes his seat, Margot's mouth drops to the floor when she realises who's about to do the interview.

"What are you doing?" she exclaims, before Cameron replies, "This is a professional situation. Can you just calm down?" much to Margot's amusement.

Cameron then quizzes Margot in the way that only a brother can, saying that he thought the character of Flopsy (voiced by Robbie) was "airy and dim-witted".

"Do you think that was an intentional casting choice?" smirks Cameron, as Margot squirms in her chair.

Elizabeth then says what we're literally all thinking: "There is a lot of tension..."




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