How to make a working life-size BB-8 out of household objects

Thank the maker!


Remember in the prequels, how Anakin Skywalker was revealed to have built C-3PO out of scrap, and how stupid that seemed at the time? Well one 17 year old has just bested Darth Vader by constructing his own BB-8 out of household materials.


“One of my dad’s hobby is being a toy collector…he is a really huge Star Wars fan,” physics student Angelo explains, but the official robot toys were prohibitively expensive in the Philippines. So Angelo decided to do the obvious thing. “I figured I could build a life-sized version of the Sphero BB8 for less than $100.”

The full instructions are here if you want to attempt your own version, but did Dad like it?

“For him I guess, the best gift was the time we spent building it together.”