It's safe to say that the cast for the brand new Apple TV+ action-comedy film Ghosted is a pretty star-studded one – what with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas playing the leads and Adrien Brody starring as the main antagonist.

This is actually the third time in the past few years that Evans and de Armas have appeared on screen together, following their earlier collaborations in Knives Out and The Gray Man, but it's not the only reunion to take place in the new film.

As Evans had teased during an appearance on Good Morning America earlier in the week, the film features a couple of familiar faces from his days in the MCU – with two of his "old Marvel buddies " among the four big-name actors to have surprise cameo roles in the film.

Read on for everything you need to about which actors appear, with the warning that there are spoilers for Ghosted ahead.

The two Marvel actors in question are Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who appeared alongside Evans in many MCU outings as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson/Falcon respectively – with Mackie now having taken on the Captain America mantle himself.

And there are two other A-listers who also briefly appear without having previously been announced as part of the cast – Star Trek's John Cho and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, the latter presumably repaying the favour after Evans made a cameo in his 2021 film Free Guy.

Mackie is the first of the quartet to appear in Ghosted, playing a bounty hunter who introduces himself as The Grandson of Sam and takes Cole (Evans) and Sadie (de Armas) captive after killing the latter's ex.

But The Grandson of Sam does not last very long – with Cho soon arriving on the scene as a rival bounty hunter called The Leopard who shoots Mackie's character and then leads Cole and Sadie to a car at gunpoint.

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Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie
Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. Getty

Once in the car, however, Leopard is choked from behind by yet another bounty hunter – this time played by Stan – who declares that "even Leopards get killed, by lions, hyenas, lightning".

We then learn that this character is called God – which prompts Cole to tell him, "You guys have really good names in your world, it's like the WWE, but scarier!"

God survives a little while longer than the other bounty hunters, but is soon dramatically run over by The Grandson of Sam – who hadn't quite yet died from his gunshot wound (although he does perish soon after).

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Reynolds's cameo doesn't occur until a little further on in the runtime, during Cole and Sadie's final battle with villain Leveque (Brody). He is introduced as an eyepatch-wearing former lover of Sadie named Jonas, and tells her amidst lots of gunfire: "I have missed you so much."

When she tells him that it was never going to work between them, he says "Of course it wasn't, I was losing too many body parts but if you look on the bright side, I still have 20/20 vision!"

Ghosted is streaming now on Apple TV+ – you can sign up to Apple TV+ here.

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