Friday the 13th Part XIII: The Horror Movie Quiz

It's Friday the 13th - mark the occasion by testing your knowledge of all things big-screen and scary...

Boo! It’s Friday the 13th today and, shockingly, there’s next to nothing horrific on the telly.


But here on the internet it’s a completely different story, as we’ve got something truly terrifying for you to cower in front of… After all, what’s scarier than a test?

So if you’re a horror fan looking to mark this most superstitious of days in suitably scary fashion, why not have a crack at our bumper horror movie quiz?

Take a Jason-style stab at the questions below and then check your score at the bottom of the page to determine whether you’re a fearless horror vet or a scaredy-cat newbie…

1. What sort of weapon did Leatherface wield?

A chainsaw

2. What was the original title of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters?

Zombi 2

3. Which literary character was Nosferatu’s Count Orlock based on?


4. What was the title of the seventh Nightmare on Elm Street movie?

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

5. What edible substance was used to create Linda Blair’s projectile vomit in The Exorcist?

Pea soup

6. Name the hotel in which the events of The Shining take place.

The Overlook Hotel

7. Which novelist’s work was the movie Ring based on?

Kōji Suzuki

8. Which film was the first to feature the tagline “To avoid fainting keep repeating: ‘It’s only a movie…'” on its poster?

The Last House on the Left

9. What was Norman Bates’s mother’s name?

Norma Bates

10. What nationality were the non-American team of Antarctic researchers seen in John Carpenter’s The Thing?


11. Where did King Kong hail from?

Skull Island

12. Who did Donald Pleasance play in Halloween?

Dr Sam Loomis

13. What was the title of the ninth Friday the 13th movie?

Jason Goes to Hell

14. In Dawn of the Dead, where does most of the action take place?

A shopping mall

15. Name the spaceship featured prominently in Alien.

The Nostromo

16. Dr Herbert West is the central mad scientist in which ’80s horror movie?


17. Name the little hellraiser at the centre of The Omen.


18. What sort of wine did Hannibal Lecter reportedly quaff while eating a man’s liver?

A nice chianti

19. Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula were both produced by which famous artist?

Andy Warhol

20. Who played The Director in The Cabin in the Woods?

Sigourney Weaver



16-20: Grand Guignol patron – Top marks, well done etc.
Grindhouse attendee – Bravo, a thoroughly decent knowledge of all things gory
Drive-in goer – Not bad. After all, not everyone’s obsessed by obscure Italian-made horror tat
E! network viewer – Oh dear, horror not your thing? Never mind; maybe you’re more of a sci-fi fan? Why not have a bash at our sci-fi quiz instead? It’ll make you feel better…