Tod Williams (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Based on the Stephen King novel, Cell doesn't manage to cover all of the scars of its troubled production in director Tod Williams's finished article. But it's slickly made and worth the watch. It starts out like a different sort of zombie movie, with its mindless mayhem triggered not by the usual global pandemic, but by a mysterious cellphone signal. A cautionary tale of phone dependency then mutates into something even weird, as stricken humans start flocking and migrating like birds on some avian pilgrimage to God knows where. John Cusack's graphic novelist is caught up in the mayhem as he tries to get to his family in New Hampshire with the help of train operator Samuel L Jackson. During a duller, more difficult second half, it's easy not to care. There's nothing wrong with a film that makes your brain hurt a bit, but Cell is maybe a touch too enigmatic for its own good at times.


A mysterious signal is transmitted to every mobile phone in the world, causing those who hear it to turn into bloodthirsty maniacs. A writer who was unaffected by the transmission bands together with a few other survivors to track down his family and unlock the mystery behind the crisis. Sci-fi thriller based on Stephen King's novel, starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson.

Cast & Crew

Clay Riddell John Cusack
Tom McCourt Samuel L Jackson
Alice Maxwell Isabelle Fuhrman
Charles Ardai Stacy Keach
Jordan Owen Teague
Sharon Riddell Clark Sarullo
Ray Anthony Reynolds
Denise Erin Elizabeth Burns
Johnny Ridell Ethan Andrew Casto
Raggedy Joshua Mikel
Director Tod Williams
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SignatureGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 26 Aug 2016