What did you think of tonight’s Line of Duty 2?

SPOILER ALERT: The police drama was back with a bang - and a shocking ending. What did you think?

**Spoilers follow**


So, can you believe it? Can you believe that BBC drama Line of Duty just… threw the lovely Jessica Raine out of the window?

Well, yes, it happened, in tonight’s return of the BBC2 drama series about a police ant-corruption unit.

So how was it for you? And more importantly, have you got over the shock of the Jessica defenestration yet?

Dramatically speaking, it was, for my money, a masterstroke: introduce you to Raine’s character Trotman, give you an insight into her various personal problems that makes you feel as if you are going to get to know her… then WHAM. Out of the window she goes. No more Jess.

Showrunner and writer Jed Mercurio told me: “I always had her in mind as a character who would die at the first episode. I wanted the first episode to end with a shock, the question of course was what that would be.”

It’s impressive stuff. A show that can dispose of brilliant characters in episode one has balls and I reckon Line of Duty 2 may be even better than the multi-award winning first series (which is saying something). Also, remember Spooks did a good job of grabbing attention by killing off Lisa Faulkner’s character in a chip fat fryer-related incident early on in the first series and that show never looked back.

Line of Duty was a very confident return. It didn’t need to explain what the police corruption unit did but just started, from the off, in cruise control with another compelling story involving Arnott (Martin Compston) and Fleming (Vicky McClure) trying to bring the police to book.

This time there was no Lennie James (he died at the end of series one) with Keeley Hawes taking on the part of lead/chief suspect Denton, a DI who comes under suspicion after she is the sole survivor of an ambush.

But back to that final scene. How do you feel about it?

And what about Denton? Is she a wronged woman or a greedy psychopath?

The fact that it is impossible to tell shows me how perfectly poised this drama is.

But tell us what you think in the comments box below…