From Cupid Stunt to Captain Kremmen – the best possible Kenny Everett characters

As BBC4 prepares to tell The Kenny Everett Story, here's a look back at some of his best-loved comedy creations

In the late 70s and early 80s, Kenny Everett’s saucy, surreal, subversive comedy sketches were a constant feature of British TV, whether on ITV’s The Kenny Everett Video Show or the BBC’s The Kenny Everett Television Show. Pneumatic-breasted movie star Cupid Stunt even appeared in character on Michael Parkinson’s chat show.


And – from Cupid, to huge-handed preacher Brother Lee Love and benign punk charicature Sid Snot – Everett’s various guises seemed to work as well in the school playground as they did among adult viewers.

As BBC4 dramatises the life of the eccentric comic in Best Possible Taste: the Kenny Everett Story, here’s a reminder – or perhaps a first taste – of the comedy characters he made famous….

Cupid Stunt

It was “All in the best possible taste!” for the bearded lady movie star with the rather risqué stage name. In this clip, she chats to admirer and self-confessed “very successful filmmaker” Michael Winner…

The Bee Gees

Kenny interviews the falsetto-singing pop trio played by, respectively, Kenny Everett, Kenny Everett and Kenny Everett…

Sid Snot

The thinking man’s punk debates the possible contents of a can of sardines with David Essex…

General Cheeseburger

In the shadow of the Cold War (or was it just the shadow of those giant shoulders?) the US Army general promises to make Limey land a “no nuke zone”. It’s a charismatic performance from Cheeseburger but it’s those shoulders that really make you want to stand up and salute…

Brother Lee Love

Giant shoulders weren’t the only out-sized body parts that Kenny put to great comic use – his gospel preacher’s humongous hands always did the trick too…

Marcel Wave

When playing female characters such as Cupid Stunt, Kenny liked to keep his beard proudly on show. It’s fitting, then, that when taking on the role of moustachioed Frenchman Marcel Wave, he wore a latex chin to cover his real facial hair…

Angry of Mayfair

Possibly based on readers of a certain tabloid newspaper, Angry of Mayfair vented spleen on Britain’s various brands of “degenerates” before storming off, revealing a set of kinky underwear beneath his pinstripe suit…

Cleo Rocos

No Kenny Everett retrospective would be complete without mention of his friend and long-term collaborator Cleo Rocos. Here, the two discuss party politics – and “a great pair of knockers”.

Captain Kremmen

Everett’s sci-fi radio show featuring the adventures of one Captain Elvis Brandenburg Kremmen, the world’s most fabulous man, became an animated cartoon series for both The Kenny Everett Video Show and The Kenny Everett Television Show.


Best Possible Taste: the Kenny Everett Story is on Wednesday 3 October at 9pm on BBC4