Larry David unrecognisable as tech dropout in HBO movie Clear History

Upcoming TV film by Superbad director co-stars Jon Hamm and Eva Mendes


That bearded bum behind the wheel of a convertible is none other than Larry David – in character for Clear History, an HBO movie by Superbad director Greg Mottola.


The improvised drama, which has a starry cast including Jon Hamm, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall and Danny McBride, is about a marketing executive called Nathan (David) who sells all his shares in a hip electric car start-up after an argument with his boss (Hamm). He re-emerges a decade later, having gone to ground when the company he abandoned became a billion-dollar business.

“It ruins his life,” Mottola told Entertainment Weekly, who have a brief trailer for the film. On the lack of a set script, Mottola added: “It’s all about capturing spontaneity. The lightning in a bottle stuff that, if you have really fun people, happens more than you expect.”


Clear History, which is loosely based on the real story of a former Apple employee, arrives on HBO in August.