Sophie Okonedo, Lesley Manville and Peter Firth in Mayday – preview pictures and trailer

See images and video from BBC1's upcoming psychological thriller


Set in the aftermath of a teenage girl’s disappearance, Mayday follows a small Sussex village as the resisents start to turn on each other…


Creators Ben Court and Caroline Ip say: “Mayday began with this thought: what would it feel like to suspect someone you love of a terrible crime?”

When 14-year-old Hattie goes missing, “a wife suspects her husband but has her reputation to protect. A son suspects his father but is afraid of being alone. A brother suspects his brother but has too much to lose. A mother of three tries not to suspect her husband because it would destroy her children.”

Watch the trailer and take a look at these preview pictures:



Mayday starts on Sunday at 9:00pm on BBC1 and runs throughout the week until Thursday.