Hogwarts Legacy is filled with side quests. From huge arcs like your unique house quest, to tiny little tasks that you stumble on and finish in just a few minutes. There are a load of them to complete. Some can be deceiving, though, including the pesky 'Well Well Well' side quest.


Well Well Well has been stumping its fair share of players, so no worries if you're having trouble with it too! As if by magic, we're here to help in your time of need.

If you're stuck on the Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well quest, you're in luck - Keep on reading for our handy guide on how to complete the mission and to tick off this quest.

How to get the Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well quest

You can find this mini quest as soon as you're permitted to leave the castle. However, we recommend leaving it until you can fly because there's a fair bit of travel involved.

The titular well is located south of Aranshire. You should know it's the right one, because it will start speaking to you once you near it. If you engage in conversation with the magic well, you should obtain a map - thus activating the "Well Well Well" quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well map solution

Once you've begun the quest, you simply need to use the map to find the treasure... Except the map might not be much help. It's two sketches of some battlements and a tree, and a teeny drawing of a map. We'll tell you exactly where to go.

You need to head south. Get on your broom, and fly to Irondale (or use floo) to get near the location. Once you're there, mark a waypoint on the battlements further south, using your map. Fly there, and just outside the main wreck you should see walls and a tree that are very similar to the ones on the sketch.

In fact, your character should comment on it. Use Levioso on the tree to lift it, and voila - collect your treasure! If you're still struggling, check out the video from LunarGaming Guides below:

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