Jamie Dornan has joined Instagram

Deep breaths, now...


It’s official. Jamie Dornan, the man who is bringing Christian Grey to life in Fifty Shades of Grey the film, has joined Instagram


Dornan, who also stars in BBC2 crime drama The Fall, has only posted one photo so far (he’s probably been too busy doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with Eddie Redmayne…) but we’re sure that’ll be enough to keep his dedicated fan base happy for now. 

His first foray into the world of Instagram selfies sees Dornan holding a piece of paper which reads “I am Spartacus Jamie Dornan x”

In a world of parody accounts and celebrity imposers, how do we know this is the real Jamie Dornan?

Well, he tweeted the image from his official, verified Twitter account. And that’s good enough for us. 


Here’s to many more selfies where that came from…