Chris Chibnall: Why I’m involved in US Broadchurch

The creator of the ITV crime drama explains why he's executive producing Gracepoint starring David Tennant, Anna Gunn and Jackie Weaver


There were a number of raised eyebrows when Fox announced it was to remake hit British crime drama Broadchurch but our fears were somewhat tempered when we heard series creator Chris Chibnall was serving as executive producer and penning the show’s first episode.


Now with Gracepoint well into production, quizzed Chibnall on the reasons behind his decision to remain involved in the remake starring original cast member David Tennant alongside Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn. 

“They were interested in doing an American version,” he explained, “and what I didn’t want to do was hand it over and have no involvement because it’s very personal to me. It’s absolutely my baby.

“I wrote it on spec for myself with no company so I wasn’t just going to hand it over and run,” he added.

While Chibnall is now hard at work penning series two of the British version – set to begin filming in May – Gracepoint is currently shooting in Canada with Tennant, Gunn and co-star Michael Pena all spotted on set.