Better Call Saul! Vince Gilligan moving “full speed ahead” with Breaking Bad spinoff

The charismatic lawyer is one step closer to getting his own show


Saul Goodman, the slimy yet charismatic lawyer from the hit series Breaking Bad, is one step closer to getting his own series, showrunner Vince Gilligan has revealed.


Gilligan first brought up the possibility of various spin-offs last year and revealed he has been working with writer Peter Gould on letting the crime attorney, played by Bob Odenkirk, take centre stage in his own series.

Now the pair are close to pitching the story to Sony, the studio behind AMC’s Breaking Bad.

“It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s definitely something we’re full speed ahead on trying to get going,” Gilligan told The Wrap. “We are plugging away coming up with a pitch and a take on it for the network and studio, and hopefully everyone will agree that there’s a really fun show to be had here.”

The creator, who has spoke in the past about there being more than one potential spinoff, revealed that the Saul Goodman idea is the only post-Breaking Bad project he is currently working on.

The good news for fans is that Gilligan is careful to point out that the news doesn’t necessarily spoil tension about whether Saul survives the series finale unscathed.

“I have to be coy as to whether it even could be a sequel,” Gilligan said. “You never know, when the dust settles at the end of our final eight episodes, where everybody’s going be and who’s going be left standing. I can’t even say for sure that it could be a sequel. It may be, it may not.”

Giancarlo Esposito, who played drug kingpin Gus Fring, has already expressed interest in the unconfirmed project.

“Any chance I get to work with Giancarlo again, I would jump at the opportunity,” Gilligan said.

Until the season ends and a potential spinoff is confirmed, Gilligan seems to have a way with keeping his fans guessing at his next moves.

If only Saul were able to strike up some covert arrangement, this probably would have already been a done deal.


Breaking Bad comes to an end this autumn when the final eight episodes air in the US on AMC on August 11 and later this autumn on UK Netflix.