Breaking Bad: buy Jessie Pinkman’s car

What better way to celebrate the grand finale of the brilliant AMC drama than by buying the car that Aaron Paul drove in the show


There’s still more than three months until the final eight episodes of AMC’s brilliant crime drama Breaking Bad conclude, and with lips sealed on set, fans are having to get creative if they want a new BB fix.


So how about this, a chance to buy a little piece of Breaking bad history in the shape of Jessie Pinkman’s car, yo.  It might not be the finest of executive motors, but the 1984 Toyota Tercel 4WD is certainly a star having carried Jessie (Aaron Paul) and some huge bags of blue meth around Albuquerque for the best part of five series. 

The car is being offered for sale by New Mexico-based Mike Faris Auto Wholesale Ltd who have opened informal bidding for the vehicle on their Facebook page.  The list price for this car at this age is apparently in the region of $500, but surely its association with Jessie Pinkman, yo, and master drug lord-cum-chemistry teacher Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) will see the final sale price skyrocket.

Breaking Bad, which follows the story of a terminally ill high school chemistry who turns to a life of crime as a drug manufacturer, concludes on AMC in America this summer.


In the UK the show is available exclusively on Netflix.