Jonathan Creek

Series 5 - 1. The Letters of Septimus Noone

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Review by:
David Butcher

David Renwick beckons us back into the world of his reluctant detective for the first new series in a decade. And what a horribly strange world it is, full of knowing puzzles and macabre games.

Creek’s new wife Polly (Sarah Alexander) is less than keen: “I sometimes wonder, Jonathan, exactly what I married! Free admission for life to the twilight zone?”

This first instalment is typically high black comedy. The main story revolves around an actress in a West End musical (listen out for some fine pastiche Lloyd Webber) who is stabbed in her dressing room, while locked inside – the victim of a seemingly impossible crime.

But that case is just a frame on which to hang all sorts of other treats and tricks, including a lovely bit with a young would-be detective who makes a string of Sherlock-style deductions... that are completely wrong.

It’s great fun, and the story becomes like an ingenious music box packed with little clockwork mechanisms. There’s a grinning corpse, a mystery letter, a demonic child and a nasty moment with a tuba that is pure, horrible Renwick.

About this programme

1/3. Alan Davies returns as the master illusionist, who has retired from crime-solving to join the corporate world with wife Polly. However, he is soon tempted back to help investigate a seemingly impossible attack on a West End actress - and he's not alone, as a criminology student tags along for a spot of `work experience'. At the same time, a personal tragedy for Jonathan and Polly uncovers a series of dark and disturbing secrets. Sarah Alexander co-stars, with Paula Wilcox, Ali Bastian, Raquel Cassidy, Kieran Hodgson and Rhydian Jones.

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Jonathan Creek
Alan Davies
Polly Creek
Sarah Alexander
Hazel Prosser
Paula Wilcox
Raquel Cassidy
Kieran Hodgson
Zelda Niedlespascher
Marianne Borgo
Juno Pirelli
Ali Bastian
Christophe Holtz
Simon Thomas
Ross Armstrong
Alice O'Connell
Rhydian Jones
Mr Partridge
Roy Sampson
Liberty Nichols-O'Connell


David Sant
Executive Producer
David Renwick
Executive Producer
Pete Thornton
Rosemary McGowan
David Renwick